Nov 20 2014

The Best Escorts In Australia: What They Have In Common

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When it comes to the top quality, best escorts in Australia they all may appear to be very different on the surface, but many of them share some traits that give them all somethings in common. Here are a few things that the best escorts in Australia all have in common.

Beauty: Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. What one person may find beautiful another many not, but there is a common thread of beauty that most people will agree upon. Many of the best escorts in Australia are gorgeous by any definition of the word. These ladies also have a certain sensuality that allows them to be classy, interesting and very ladylike while still oozing a certain raw sexuality that permeates everything they do.


Interesting: The best escorts are the ladies that have a wide variety of interests and are willing to try new things that they have never experienced. You can take these ladies to dinner in a formal setting, out for a casual night at the bar or even out for a hike or a day at the beach and they will be equally at home. Many of them are well-read and educated so they can stimulate your mind as well as your body.

Focused on You: A classy, high quality escort will focus all of her attention on you and make certain that you have an amazing time when you are with her. These girls aim to please. They will give you their undivided attention and make you feel like you are the center of the universe.

Top Notch Service: What you see and ask for is what you get with the best escorts in Australia. These ladies live and die based on their reputation. Many of them have reviews online critiquing their service. They strive to provide you with world class service that will leave you with a smile you won’t be able to wipe off your face. They know every satisfied customer may return again while also helping them build their reputation so they will do what it takes to satisfy you.

By combining beauty, intelligence, and an interesting personality with amazing service that is focused on you, the best escorts in Australia all have delivering a world class, unforgettable experience in common. Meeting one of these sexy ladies will be an experience you won’t soon forget.


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Jun 18 2014

Are There A Lot Of Swingers In Australia?

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While it is hard to put an exact number on how many swingers there are in Australia it is safe to say that there are a good number of them and it seems like there are more and more popping up every day.

Australia has always had a reputation for being a fun, adventurous place with fun-loving, hearty people living there, but the reality is that for a long time they were fairly conservative sexually. A lot of those ideals have changed over the last decade. A recent study shows that Australians are now more open minded about sex then they have ever been in the past. In fact, they are so open minded the only thing most Aussie’s feel is bad sexually is adultery. Aside from that, if everyone is having fun then it is all good.


These relaxed attitudes have led to a sexual revolution of sorts down under and with it the emergence of swingers clubs, swingers resorts and a thriving, growing swinger’s scene. Across the country there are swingers clubs that now throw regular parties and have themed events. There are swingers resorts opening up that offer full service vacation accommodations and cater to those who are looking to do a little partner swapping and have some naughty fun. There are now several large swingers websites that list private parties and allow swinging couples to meet other swinging couples online.

As attitudes towards swinging continue to relax, more and more swingers clubs and swingers friendly businesses and services will likely continue to open up. We can also expect the number of swingers websites and social media groups to continue to grow.

Right now it is a wonderful time to be a swinger in Australia. Never before has there been such an open and free environment and never has finding like-minded couples been so easy. If you are a swinger you should have no trouble finding others to hook up with. If you are new to swinging or just curious about the swinging lifestyle there are plenty of great resources online that will tell you what it is all about and make some great suggestions on which swinging clubs to visit first so you can get your feet wet and see if this lifestyle is for you.

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Jan 16 2014

What Australian City Has The Hottest Girls?

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This may be a hard question to answer and it will no doubt be subjective because hotness can be in the eye of the beholder, but I would venture to guess that Sydney is the Australian city that has the hottest girls.

Here is my argument why. For starters, it is a numbers game. Sydney is the most populated city in Australia with Melbourne being a close second. So the sheer number of people (roughly 4.6 million) means there are likely to be more hot girls than in other cities. However, there is much more to it than just population numbers.

Not too long ago a story ran that named Sydney the coolest city in the world. It is now considered by many to be the new London or New York. For decades people within Australia moved to Sydney, but now people from all over the world are moving there as well. Roughly 35% of the people that live in Sydney were born overseas and about 33% of the people living in Sydney speak a second language other than English. Sydney has become the hip, cool new city where young, educated people are moving in order to better their careers and have some adventure in their lives.

When you add into this mix that Sydney is the art and music epicenter of Australia it adds to the hotness factor. There are more actors, singers, models and would be versions of all of those things in Sydney than anywhere else in Australia. In short, this is the city where the beautiful people come in order to get famous.

Another reason Sydney likely is home to the hottest girls is that it is a mecca of sorts for outdoor enthusiasts. With some of the most amazing beaches and surfing in the world and plenty of hiking, biking and other outdoor activities, there are plenty of ways for those who are interested to stay fit.

When you put it all together it creates an equation that adds up to hotness. Put in an influx of people coming to a city looking for success (many of which are banking on their looks for some of that success) add in many ways of staying fit and active and then top it off with the sheer number of people and it all comes together to show Sydney is likely the Australian city with the hottest girls.

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Aug 06 2013

Where To Watch Australian Cam Girls

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Looking to check out hot Australian girls on their live cams? There are some great options out there for you to find all the hottest live Australian cam girls. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

First, let’s talk about the different types of cam girls you can search for. The most common cam sites will feature what I call professional cam girls. There are a lot of these sites out there and many of them have thousands of cam girls from all over the world. If you are just interested in checking out Australian girls most of these sites have the option of filtering the cam girls by location. You can simply filer the results so that it only shows girls from Australia and it will be like having your own personal Australian cam girl site.


One thing to understand about these cam girls is that most of them are online primarily for the money. So, if you are hoping to meet them in person it likely won’t happen, but if you are just looking to chat with them or you want to see them naked and have them do naughty shows you can certainly get that.

The other option will be a little harder to find, but there can be some fun, sexy Australian girls to chat with. These are amateur cam sites and chat rooms and/or dating sites that have cam chatting in them. Essentially, these are cam communities where anyone with a webcam is free to join and chat with other people. Because of the nature of these sites you could get a wide variety of people all looking for different things.

To focus your efforts on finding Australian girls to chat with you should try to localize your searches. Search for things like “Australian cam rooms” and “Australian chat rooms.”

I mentioned dating sites above because they can be a good source of cam 2 cam chatting. Many dating sites now offer that feature and some of them even have rooms set up strictly for live cams. Take a few minutes to check out some of the Australian dating sites to see which of these offer this feature. You may have to pay a few bucks for a membership to the site, but it could be well worth it.

Chatting with Australian cam girls can be a blast. By doing some searches on Google and having a little patience you should be able to find plenty of girls to cam chat with.

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May 02 2013

Are Australian Attitudes Liberal About Sex?

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When many people think about Australia they picture the people there as free-wheeling, fun-loving, beer-chugging, partiers who just want to have a good time and have an anything goes attitude towards most things. Sure, many Aussies are laid back and easy going, but what many people would be shocked to find out is that only in the last 10-15 years have they really relaxed and gotten more liberal towards sex.

Recently an extensive study was done that asked Aussies about their attitudes towards sex. Overwhelmingly, they now have a live and let live attitude. They feel that so long as both parties involved are consenting and enjoying themselves than pretty much anything should be allowed. This includes prostitution, swinging and casual sex. The only thing they still mostly frown upon is adultery.


Because of this shift in ideals some of the sex laws in Australia have recently been relaxed as well. Prostitutes are now free to work in brothels and the brothels are overseen by the government to make certain that they adhere to certain codes and standards. Escorts are now pretty much left alone to do as they please. Another interesting thing is that street prostitution is still illegal. The idea is that if you want to work as a prostitute you should be allowed to do so, but you should do it in the safety of a brothel.

Australia is known for its beaches and for years there were battles between those who wanted to sunbathe nude and topless and those who did not. Many cities now have specified nude and topless beaches and other beaches have specific sections set aside for nude and topless sunbathing.

More and more strip clubs are opening throughout Australia now that fully nude dancing is allowed. There are also more clubs that offer stripper-like activities such as burlesque shows and nude review shows.

One of the fastest growing things in Australia are hook up apps like Tinder and adult dating sites that help people who just want casual sex get together. Clearly Aussies want to get together and get a little naughty in bed and now technology is helping to make that happen.

As ideals towards sex continue to shift left in Australia the country continues to undergo a sexual revolution of sorts that now has it quickly becoming that fun-loving, anything goes country many of us always thought it was.

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